The Ascent Program


  • Therapeutic Community Residential Model
  • ASCENT Community Groups
  • IRP Community
  • Spiritual Life
  • Recovery Education
  • “Getting it Right” ® Mentoring
  • AA/NA Participation
  • Ongoing Clinical Treatment (Individual and Group)
  • Weekly Church Attendance (Client Choice)
  • Suitable Employment/Volunteer Work
  • Estimated 4-6 Months Duration


  • Therapeutic Community
  • Advanced ASCENT Community Groups
  • ERP Community
  • Spiritual Life
  • Recovery Education
  • Family Dynamics
  • Communication Skills
  • Employment Coaching
  • AA/NA Participation
  • Weekly Church Attendance (Client Choice)
  • Estimated 3-9 Months Duration (Total 1+ Year Duration for IRP and ERP completion)


ASCENT Recovery Residences works closely with other agencies and law enforcements to ensure long-term success for individuals in recovery. We believe in a continuum of support that assists the individual where they are today and how that assistance will feed in to future support and success. Success depends on a community of support. With our Residential Programs, individuals in recovery can find that home base for appropriate referrals and resources.

Goals for each client
·   Achieve Higher Self-Determination
·   Accept Responsibility for Actions
·   Develop Personal Resources to Increase Long Term Success
·   Obtain and Remain in Stable Permanent Housing
·   Enhance Family Involvement and Parenting Skills
·   Become Positive and Productive Members of the Community



We at ASCENT believe that recovery from addiction is much more than just abstinence from drugs and alcohol. We believe that the client who successfully completes our Intensive Residential Program (IRP) and Extended Residential Program (ERP) will have developed the skills necessary to utilize the three core values to live happy and productive lives…


The 12 step programs provide the foundation of a life free from substance. The process of self-examination, confession, restitution, responsibility, and service provide the basis for living that lasts for a lifetime.


Addiction results in isolation and separation from God. We believe each individual must find a way to build or rebuild a personal relationship with God, and provide structured exposure to spiritual principles and individuals who live their lives by these principles.


Our Therapeutic Community Residential Model provides each client the opportunity to experience living in a functional family unit that accepts, encourages, supports, and challenges.

Board of Directors

The ASCENT Board is a well conceived cross section of business, faith, recovery, and treatment communities in Joplin. Each member brings a unique perspective to the mix. All of the members are extremely successful in their chosen fields as well as experienced in a variety of community development and public charity projects over the years. We have three business owners, a senior pastor, the CEO of the local mental health/substance abuse treatment provider, an attorney, and sales representative. ASCENT is also proud to be partnered with St. Paul’s United Methodist Church.


The Recovery Support Outstanding Performer Award is being presented to ASCENT Recovery Residences in Joplin, MO. Since joining Missouri’s Access to Recovery (ATR) grant program in 2008 as a faith-based recovery support provider ASCENT has operated with the utmost integrity. Their successful consumer outcome demonstrates their commitment to helping individuals with substance use disorders achieve and maintain recovery. The percentage of consumers abstinent after six months of engagement in services with ASCENT stands at 85% compared to a 50% abstinence rate at intake. Ninety-seven percent of their consumers are socially connected at their six month follow up check, and ASCENT has an incredible 275% increase in consumer employment outcomes six months following engagement services.

Ascent Staff

Teddy Steen

Teddy Steen

Executive Director

Teddy holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Social Work and a Teaching Certificate I Secondary Education. She holds certifications through the Missouri Substance Abuse Credentialing Board as a SATOP Instructor, Missouri Associate Drug Counselor II, a Certified Peer Support Specialist, a certified Moral Reconation Therapy (MRT) instructor, and a Medication Assisted Recovery Specialist. She has 35 years of sustained recovery. She also works for the Jasper County Treatment Courts. She founded ASCENT Recovery in 2008.

Paula Donaldson

Paula Donaldson

Operations Director

Paula Donaldson became Operations Director for Ascent Recovery Residences in March 2023. She was a founding board member of the Recovery Outreach Community Center (ROCC) and served as both president and secretary of Ascent’s Board of Directors prior to accepting her current role. Along with her husband, Terry, Paula helped establish the 12-step fellowship of Drug Addicts Anonymous (DAA) in Joplin. DAA was integral to Paula and Terry’s long-term recovery in Dallas, TX, and they have been pleased to see the Joplin membership grow. Paula is passionate about the local recovery community; she facilitates weekly 12-step meetings at Lafayette House and Jasper County Jail and works with clients as a Certified Peer Specialist (CPS) and Medication Assisted Recovery Specialist (MARS)

Ed Posey

Ed Posey

Certified Peer Specialist

Ed is a native Texan and comes to us after retiring from Shaw Industries where he worked in trucking, warehousing, and logistics for 22 years.

A person of long-term recovery (29 years), Ed spent much of his spare time trying to help others. He now continues the work as a Certified Peer Specialist with the ROCC and serves as House Manager for Ascent Recovery. His passions in life are music and helping others recreate theirs.

Carl Perkins

Beloved Former Program Director

Carl Perkins passed from this earth in April 2023 after a battle with cancer. He was a friend and mentor to many in the Joplin recovery community. Carl (MSW, LMSW, CPS) served as a volunteer for ASCENT from its inception in 2007 and joined the staff in 2012, becoming program director in 2018. Carl maintained continuous sobriety beginning in 2000, became President of his family-owned construction company, completed a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology with an emphasis in writing from Missouri State University, a Master of Social Work from Missouri State University, and raised his four children. Carl was committed to his recovery, the local recovery community, and his church fellowship. As Ascent Recovery’s Program Director Carl provided a unique contribution; he was an ex-offender who had successfully negotiated the challenges that face those attempting to reenter society.

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ASCENT Recovery Residences is committed to providing recovery support services to a client base that typically has little to no resources. By increasing the self-sufficiency of individuals who historically have been a heavy drain on federal, state, and family services; we believe we can make a difference by addressing the root causes of the problem. However, we cannot do so without financial support.

ASCENT Recovery Residences is recognized as a Tax Exempt 501 (c)3 public charity and as such all contributions are fully tax deductible.